Despite wars, political turmoil, natural disasters, medical scares, terrorist attacks, and economic and energy crises in various parts of the world, international trade in tourism services has grown spectacularly since the 1970s. Tourism has become an important sector that has an impact on the development of a country’s economy. The economic importance of tourism varies from place to place but can be seen to make a significant contribution to many countries wealth.

With the growing importance of the industry there is also a need for well trained and professional to handle the affairs of this important sector and that is where T&H Management School comes into play.

Having worked and taught across almost all sectors in the tourism industry for over ten years, I have become a self-motivated and enthusiastic professional, with the ability to achieve high standards, confident in tackling different varieties of challenges.

I have developed the ability to naturally engage with students, build rapport and provide service of very high standards. I am very passionate about customer service and fully appreciate the customers’ needs.

I invite you join us explore the ever-changing dynamics of the tourism industry

Solomon G. Addai