In the modern day era, IT become the core part of any business.  IT has become the driver for all sectors and industry, where proven relationships exist between well implemented IT solutions and the success of businesses.

With having over 10 years teaching and development experience in the IT industry, I have established a recognition of both students learning requirements and industries IT demands.

IT is an area that is rapidly changing and needs to also meet changes and demands in other areas.  With factors such as technological advancements, globalisation, IoT and AI there is plenty of demand for IT professionals.  IT and in particular the internet has had a huge impact on Tourism and Hospitality industry.

T&H Management School recognises the role of IT in the industry today and in particular the IT demands of the Tourism and Hospitality industry.  We prepare students to be able to facilitate and take advantage of the IT solutions that really drive the Tourism and Hospitality industry today.

Whether you would like to be an IT professional in the Tourism and Hospitality industry or make IT an additional skillset to advance your career, at T&H Management School you will be well prepared whichever career pathway you choose.

Bish Jaishi
Senior Lecturer