Business Management

Level 4 – 6 Diploma in Business Management

Who are these courses suitable for?
The Diploma in Business Management is suitable for students who have qualifications at the level of GCE / GCSE or equivalent. Adult students with relevant work experience could also apply through an evaluation of their professional curriculum. The student must be 18 years or older at the beginning of the course.

Course Structure

The course is developed in three academic years. At the end of each of the first two academic years and after successful completion, the student obtains an intermediate Diploma:

  • Level 4 Diploma in Business Management
  • Level 5 Diploma in Business Management

Upon successful completion of the third year the student obtains the:

  • Level 6 Diploma in Business Management

Each Diploma consists of six modules (three modules per semester), comprising a total of 120 (UK) or 60 ECTS (European System) credits for the Basic Diploma, 240 (UK) or 120 ECTS (European System) credits for the intermediate Diploma and 360 (UK) or 180 ECTS (European System) credits for the Advanced Diploma. The modules for each diploma are:

SemesterModulesCredits (UK)
Semester 1 Study Skills 20
Business Context 20
Introduction to Business Communication  20
Semester 2 Introduction to Quantitative Methods 20
Introduction to Business 20
Introduction to Finance 20
SemesterModulesCredits (UK)
Semester 1 Human Resource Management 20
Project Management 20
Marketing Management and Planning  20
Semester 2 Financial Accounting 20
Business Law 20
Corporate Social Responsibility and Governance 20
SemesterModulesCredits (UK)
Semester 1 Leadership and Organisational Behaviour 20
Business Project 20
Operations Management 20
Semester 2 Financial Decision Making 20
Sustainable Business Practices 20
Strategic Human Resource Management 20


All modules have an assessment system led by the head of each module and verified externally by an assessor, in order to ensure a fair and objective evaluation. All assessments are criterion referenced and based on the "Learning Outcomes" of each module.

In order to be approved in a Diploma (and therefore progress to the next one), students must successfully complete all modules.

Assessment methods may vary between individual and group presentations, reports and written essays, posters, discussions and debates.

Field Trips

Throughout the course field trips will take place depending on the module in question. These will allow students a closer contact with the reality of business and the various sectors of the industry. A T&H Management School Coordinator will always lead these field trips.

Every year, a one-week tour to one country in the European Union will take place and will focus on a specific area of the industry. This optional tour, on the one hand, will foster a closer contact amongst students and between students and teachers and, on the other, enable the possibility of a further analysis of a particular activity sector.


The T&H Management School has an internal research department, where students and teachers can join existing teams and collaborate on the development of knowledge for certain areas of management.

The T & H Management School supports the development of new projects and the sought-after links with national and international business. Therefore, the T & H Management School will grant every year a number of scholarships to students who, in the previous year, are considered to have reached an exceptional achievement and who wish to join the research team, alongside the continuation of their studies.

International Option - London

All of T & H Management School's three-year courses may be attended in the international system option. In this system, students may attend the second semester of their respective courses on our campus in London. Modules and content as well as assessment will be exactly the same as for students who opt for the national version. The major advantage of this international option is to allow students the experience of a multicultural city, where they can benefit from the study visits and exclusive contacts unique to this campus. The costs associated with this option are limited to the cost of air travel and accommodation.


The T & H Management School has developed protocols with organisations within the industry and can annually promote the provision of short-term placements at companies, in order to improve students' knowledge and promote the link to corporate reality. The internships are unpaid and are always coordinated by a T & H Management School’s Academic Head along with the granter company, aiming at enriching the students’ knowledge.

Top Up – Coventry University

By successfully completing the Advanced Diploma in Business Management, The T & H Management School's students attain the Diploma in Business Management from OTHM Qualifications. This diploma allows students to top up their studies and complete a Bachelor's (Hons) degree in Global Business at Coventry University, UK.

For more information and specification, please download the course brochures from the campus pages.

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