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Why study with us?

We are a private business school based in London, United Kingdom, with campuses in Lisbon, Portugal, Thessaloniki, Greece and São Paulo, Brazil. We offer university-level courses with a strong focus on the tourism and hospitality business industry through international programmes aimed at an audience of students and executives.

We are ready to welcome students from all life styles with diverse needs and different goals in life. However, each and every one of them has one common desire – learn, develop and master new skills for life.

So if you want to learn new skills, improve your existing ones or refresh your knowledge to progress your career, our exceptional facilities are an inviting environment combined with our outstanding faculty are all ready here just for you.

Our vision

THM School will have an impact on society by delivering quality education, continual innovation, research, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

Mission Statement

To contribute to high quality education by developing competence and character in our students. We believe that one without the other will not enable development and achieve personal and communities’ goals.

To develop business leaders by enhancing innovation and social responsibility in our students. We believe that the development of nations throughout the world depends on business leaders who can drive growth and prosperity to companies and populations. Both have to be attained to achieve success.

To build team work by creating a relaxed atmosphere where both teachers and learners can engage and work towards knowledge and reasoning. Because we believe that lecturing is more than just providing eloquent speeches.

To expand our campuses throughout the world and this providing a better experience to our students by delivering the same courses in different locations and providing a more diversified experience and the possibility to learn and live in different cultures.

The education you need to succeed

At the THM School achieving a new qualification is much more than just attending the classes. We have much more on offer at our state-of-the-art campuses throughout the world.

Guidance in Education and Employment

Study with us and you can be sure that you will gain, besides a whole range of new skills, international business experience that will ensure you are ready for the next step be it within education or employment.

It is possible to get education staying at home

The THM School is proud to offer a wide range of Diploma courses from level 3 through level 7 awarded by OTHM Qualifications, so our students can find one that suits their needs.  Developed to the highest standards on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF), our courses are conducted via our virtual learning environment, so you can study from home.

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